single $1.40 double $1.70


single $2.60 double $3.10

single $2.65 double $3.15

Caffe Americano
single $1.50 double $1.80

Cafe au Lait
small $2.10 large $2.50

Red Eye
single $1.75 double $2.25

*Add a shot of espresso for 50¢
*Add whipped cream on top for 25¢

Chocolate Turtle
latte flavored with chocolate carmel, hazelnut and topped with whipped cream $3.25

Creme Caramel
double latte flavored with vanilla, caramel and topped with whipped cream $3.55

Chocolate Truffle
hot chocolate with a shot of espresso
single $2.80 double $3.30

*Add a flavored syrup for 30¢
Chocolate, vanilla, caramel,
hazelnut, raspberry, cinnamon
or almond

Fine Loose Leaf Teas
Ceylon Estate, Earl Grey, Golden Yunnan, Wuyi Oolong, Emerald Lily, Sencha Superior, Green Tea Mint, Jasmine Pearl, Silver Needle, Organic Chamomile
$1.50 per cup

black tea and spices steeped with milk and honey
small $2.50 large $3.00

Iced Tea
fresh brewed gourmet tea
small $1.00 large $1.50

fresh ground, fresh brewed
gourmet arabica coffee
small $1.25 large $1.45

(Download menu as pdf)