Caffè Cucina, literally translated from Italian, means “coffee kitchen.” This speaks to Dartcor’s newest kiosk concept , Caffè Cucina, where we serve gourmet coffee beverages, as well as smoothies, tea, and top quality food prepared by New Jersey's premier off-premise caterer, Ome Caterers ( What makes Caffè Cucina different from other cafés or coffee shops is our warm hospitality and our high quality products. We use only fresh coffee beans from top quality producers, and grind them fresh for every drink. Our teas are gourmet, imported loose leaf teas, and the equipment we use to produce our beverages is top of the line and uses the newest technology.

The Caffè Cucina experience is unique, due to the barista’s attitude and the ambience he or she creates. Customers will feel that they are escaping their workplace, rather than “just getting coffee.” That is to say, Caffè Cucina is a destination, rather than just a perfunctory coffee stop. No automatic coffee machine could emulate this sense of vacation for our guests.

Caffè Cucina was created in response to requests by real estate owners seeking a lower-cost alternative to building out a full-service cafeteria. Caffè Cucina is best located in the lobby of a building, so that employees can enjoy freshly baked pastries and skillfully made espresso-based drinks on their way to the office.

For more information please contact Warren Leeds, (973) 739-9060 x14

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